UVCpectra Tube - Standalone

Technical Specification

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 1600 mm ( W x D x H )
Electrical Power 270 Watts
Noise 26 db - 29 db
Air Flow 200 - 250 m3 / h
Microorganisms Elimination Effect > % 99
Filter Molecular filter
Maintenance 9.000 hrs. +
Installation No Assembly Required

Product Description

Effect of UVCpectra Independent Air Cleaning Devices

  • Droplets are quickly dried with conventional forced air diffusion. No sedimentation remains
  • By withdrawing the aerosols to UVCpectra, micro-organisms and viruses are rendered ineffective very quickly.
  • Sedimentation, surface spread and infection risk decrases.
  • With the fresh air circulation created, the sedimentation in the environment and the risk of infection decreases within minutes

Why UVCpectra Tube ?

99% impact in a single pass by the usage of reliable solar beams on high-efficiency devices
No need for additional technology nor engineering.
It has no side effects on animal, the environment and human health.
Usage time exceeding 9000 hours.
Recoups investment costs within months with its product process savings and safety measures
Traditional UVC vs UVCpectra Tube comparison
UVCpectra is guaranteed to kill micro-organisms with high doses of irradiation without requiring special engineering, when compared with direct UVC Bulb application in a standard closed area. The effect of direct UVC Bulb application is 90-96% due to the high number of disturbing factors, whereas with UVCpectra it is > 99%.


Traditional UVC vs UVCpectra Tube comparison

With the use of UVC bulbs directly in a closed area; the effect of destroying micro-organisms is not guaranteed due to the limited dose of superficial irradiation and many reducing factors. Destroys micro-organisms at the rate of LOG 0.8 UVCpectra air disinfection device eliminates micro-organisms with high technology at maximum dose and steadily without requiring any additional engineering. It destroys micro organisms at the rate of LOG 3.6.




IP 20Rotable

Usage Areas

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