Image Type Series Name Part Number Size (mm3) Spec-sheet
Basic AG03.3(Basic) GUVB-S11GS-AG03.3 Display
135 x 70 x 25 mm3

Solar Panel
430 x 430 x 25 mm3
With solar cell panel
(No Power Supply)
AG03.4(Solar) GUVB-S11GS-AG03.4
With solar cell panel
(No Power Supply)
ABS Include indoor UV indicator
AG03.5(Comm.) GUVB-S11GS-AG03.5

Fixing method : Installation at the Pole
Display : UV Index indicating by using arrow A dial hand indicates 12 different stages from 0 UVI to 11 UVI
Both side operation


Size of Panel : 460 mm X 460 mm X 150 mm3
Weight : 11Kg
Operating Temperature : -30 ~ 85 C

UV Index indicating in street, beach, swimming pool, park and so on
UV Index alarm